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On the move….

This day seemed so far away but like many other things, it crept up….wait, I take that back….it raced up with lightening speed. Before I knew it, it was May 30th.

May 30th, 2019 was the last day of my employment as the Associate Director of the Charles Drew PA Program. My choice to step away from the program was not an easy one. And leaving on May 30th was even harder. The students threw us a beautiful celebration which included a 15 minute compilation video that they created. Check it out here: ( The video included footage and photos from many of the projects and fun moments that we had together and in the community over the years.

Leaving the community and the Drew Crew students left a huge hole in my heart. Knowing that they are pursuing their dreams and will be incredible PAs in a few short years (or sooner) is a consolation, though.

I can only hope that I made as big of an impact on them as they had on me.