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Moving day(s)…

And so the moving began. My plan-to sell all my belongings except those that were sentimental and/or not easily replaceable. As I walked around my one bedroom apartment sizing up my stuff, I realized I have A LOT of stuff. I thought to myself, how can someone that lives in a one bedroom apartment with one decent size closet and one small one (oh and a pantry closet too) have all this stuff?

I began sorting-there was the GoodWill pile, the give away pile, the throw away pile and the keep pile. It’s hard to keep all the piles straight!

I had my first love hate relationship experience with OfferUp and LetItGo. Have you tried them? It’s so simple to post on there and to engage with possible buyer/sellers but damn, people can be really unreliable. Them: “I want your mattress.” Me: “Ok, great. When can you come get it?” Them: Radio silence. This happened over and over again. However, this was punctuated by MANY trips to WholeFoods to do my undercover sales (ya know, so that randos weren’t coming into my house with plans of killing me instead of picking up my jade plant-I’ve clearly watched too many 60 minutes episodes).

On Friday, June 28th, RoRo (my car’s name; short for Rogue) was picked up for her ride across the country. After 5 transmissions in the course of 10 years, my Dad was 100% convinced that she is a “good car” and wanted to take on the financial burden of shipping the car cross country for my bro who lives in NY. And off she went.

We had some impromptu “estate sales” where friends scavenged through my stuff to lighten the load. It was great to see that my stuff was going to good homes all across the land (LA land, anyway). I had momentary glimpses of why and how people become hoarders-the thought “well, I might need that someday” occurred on the reg during the process. But the more I let go of, the easier the process became. By move out day, I was pretty much cleaned out. Except for my mattresses. It turns out that it’s super hard to sell a mattress (who wants a used mattress from someone they don’t know?). Even with my catchy description of my nearly new mattresses which were great quality and only slightly used, selling them was a no go. Don’t worry though, they went to good homes of friends and family eventually.

I moved out of my place on June 29th-notified my landlord of the impeccable condition of the place and off I went….right? Not so fast. During the move out the chandelier light fixture in the living room randomly tore out of the ceiling (while I was standing under it). Luckily, it did not fall down completely (onto my head) but remained hanging by just a precarious wire.

Despite that, I moved on out and headed off to celebrate with some friends for dinner (notice that I didn’t say S’mores here).

It was official-Things got real for me leaving LA (with just 4 large suitcases in tow-perfectly weighed out to ensure they were all less than 50 pounds even though Moini doesn’t think it matters what your suitcase weighs).

My flight out of LA was scheduled for July 2nd which made room for a few more volleyball plays with the crew! We had a little going away brunch at GoodStuff which included libations and lots of laughs!

July 2nd, Moini and I took the red-eye back to Massachusetts. The airport and the flight were smooth sailing and we arrived safely in Boston in the morning. My parents were bright eyes and bushy tailed waiting to pick us up when we arrived.

It felt good to see the wide open spaces (particularly the highways) and the green, green, green everywhere you look!

Oh and it was 90 degrees and 100% humidity too. But the green was nice. And the traffic was nonexistent.


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